Your Budget Gift Guide: Secret Santa Edition


It’s that time of year again - the annual Secret Santa gift exchange is back! Although intended as a joyous occasion full of laughter and excitement, Secret Santa can go one of two ways: if you’re lucky enough to receive your work wife, best friend, or closest family member in the draw, you’ll feel a sense of relief, followed by the hundreds of ideas they’d just love. But for those who are assigned the task of gifting someone they barely know, we know it can lead to unnecessary stress. 

The trickiest part is trying to find a unique gift that’s also within budget and won’t end up in the recipient’s ‘re-gift’ pile. After all, Secret Santa is about spreading joy. Luckily, we’ve put together some gift ideas, all under AED100, to help you find something unique, rather than resorting to the generic assorted chocolate box or shopping mall gift card. 

Under AED50:

Fresh Mint Lip Balm - AED 40.00

Mint is always a safe bet for lip balms because who doesn’t love a minty fresh scent? This paraben and cruelty free lip balm by Wanderflower makes for the perfect gift with its beautiful packaging designed with the intent to be repurposed. It’s like two gifts in one!

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil - AED 45.60

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular essential oils due to its fresh, almost minty, scent. It’s used as a decongestant and to relieve headaches. It can even be used for mental clarity and to prevent brain fog, making it perfect for any stressed-out coworker. Check out our blog on essential oils for more guidance or other essential oil suggestions.

Lavender Pillow and Room Spray - AED 50.00

Does your giftee struggle with sleep? If yes, then this Wanderflower spray is perfect! It contains lavender essential oil, known to aid in relaxation and induce sleep by lowering the heart rate. Also, it smells heavenly.

Perfume Atomiser - AED 50.00

Sometimes when you don’t know someone well but still want to get them a meaningful gift, the best option is to go for something practical. Gifting perfume is usually a big no-no when you don’t know the giftee’s personal preferences. But this perfume atomiser is the perfect bridge, allowing them to fill it with their favourite scent to take on the go.

Brain Teasers Game - AED 50.00 

This game is a unique gift that people of many ages can enjoy. With over 140 questions, this is a fun one to play as a group right after exchanging presents!


Under AED100:

A5 Notebook - AED 70

This humorous ‘I never finish anyth-’ notebook is a friendly jab at all procrastinators and disorganised colleagues. Plus the soft-touch, lined pages are incredibly satisfying to write on. 

Alphabet Mug - AED 70

This is the perfect personal-but-not-too-personal gift for someone you don’t really know, but you at least know their name... right? Check out the full range of alphabet mugs by Yvonne Ellen here to find the right initial.

Bottled Bakes - AED 71.40

Everyone loves dessert, or at least we like to think so. These bottled cake, cookie and brownie mixes allow even the most inept bakers to create mouth-watering desserts in just 30 minutes.

Bluff It Game - AED 75.00

This game is great for groups. Try to differentiate facts from bluffs while simultaneously trying to deceive fellow players. This gift is unique and fun, without having to know the person well.

Clay Face Mask Set - AED 75.00 

Who doesn’t love a face mask every once in a while? For your skincare fanatics, gift them this kaolin and charcoal clay mask set that comes with a ceramic bowl and brush applicator.

Wooden Desk Organiser - AED 90.00

This minimalist and sleek organiser features a phone stand and sections to store digital devices, pens, business cards, and other stationery items. It’s a great present for that friend who’s obsessed with organisation.

Rocking Whiskey Glasses - AED 100

These glasses make drinking even more fun (yes, this is actually possible). Great for anyone who loves to fidget, dance and drink - they can now have fun without the risk of spilling the glass’ contents everywhere.

Waterproof Dry Bag - AED 100.00

Does your giftee enjoy water activities - canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, or anything that involves a body of water? This waterproof bag will allow them to keep all their valuables dry, even when they inevitably fall into the ocean.

Set of Snack Boxes - AED 70.00

For all the snackers, they’d love this safe and practical option perfect for a snack box set perfect for eating on the go.

Mood Booster Essential Oil Blends - AED 91.50

These essential oils come in rollerball form for easy application directly onto the skin. The combination of oils are designed specifically for stress relief, invigoration and mental clarity. 

Top tip: if you’re still struggling to find the perfect option for your Secret Santa giftee, use the price filter tool on our website to view all products within your budget! Happy gifting!