Gift Ideas for ‘Him’ (That He Will Actually Like)


Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Let’s face it, most are terrible at articulating what they want. Either that, or they really don’t know! The problem (that isn’t actually a problem other than for gifting) is that men are proactive. If they need something, they search for it, then they buy it. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to resort to novelty when sourcing the best possible Christmas gift. The trick is to find something you know he will use, but that he’d never think to search for himself. To do this, you need to identify his passion points, and then consider how to turn those passion points into experiences. 

Below, we’ve listed a few of the common types of men and the gifts that are likely to suit them. It is probable that the men in your life fall into more than one category, so read through the entire list with an open mind!

1. The Adventurous One

  • Waterproof Dry Bag: Perfect for paddleboarding, canoeing, fishing, or basically anything else that involves water. This 10 litre bag will keep all your valuables dry no matter how many times you fall in the water. 

  • Campfire Games: Chill out in the evenings with this games pack, containing a deck of waterproof playing cards illustrated with survival facts, six dice, a score pad and pencil, and instructions for three games. 

  • Beverage Cooler: Unfortunately, bringing an entire fridge on an outdoors trip is a little difficult. But you can still keep your drink icy-cool even in the desert heat with this stainless steel insulated sleeve.

  • Travel Hammock: why sleep on the ground when you can sleep in a hammock? Enough said.

2. The Well-Groomed One

  • Close Shave Kit: For those who like to keep their face freshly shaved and silky smooth, this kit contains a face wash, shaving cream, and a post-shave balm, all 50ml.

  • Beard Survival Kit: For those who like to keep their beard a little longer, this kit comes with a 50ml tube of vegan Beard Wash with an oakmoss scent, a 30ml Beard Oil, and a beard comb. The tin packaging is both reusable and recyclable too!

  • Canvas Shoe Shine Kit: We may not have to worry about mud coating our shoes here but they still get scuffed up. This canvas shoe kit contains two brushes, one for the black shoe polish, and one for the neutral polish, as well as one cleaning cloth.

  • Manicure Kit: This multi-tool pack features the enviously limited amount of tools a guy needs to keep themselves looking neat and tidy. With clippers, scissors and a file to keep nails trimmed and a pair of tweezers for those pesky rogue hairs, this kit contains all the essentials. 

3. The Foodie / Bartender 

  • Pizza Cutter and Serving Board: Here’s one for the pizza lovers (i.e. every person ever). This acacia wood board even comes with grooves for guidance, giving you a perfectly sliced pizza every time. 

  • Wine and Cheese Serving Board: Get a little boujee and impress your guests with a perfectly curated charcuterie platter with this acacia wood board, cheese knife and bottle opener. 

  • Serving Paddle and Shot Glasses: This one is a very different type of serving board. Surprise your guests (positively or negatively, that will forever be up for debate) with a round of shots, served in style, to liven up any party. 

  • Rocking Whisky Glasses: Good luck getting conversation out of anyone when these glasses are on the table. Their unique design allows the glasses to rock and rotate without spilling.

  • Mixologist Set: Know someone who likes to consider themselves a cocktail connoisseur? See how far their talents go with this mixologist set, featuring a muddler, a jigger, and of course the shaker. (This could get messy, very quickly, in more ways than one).

4. The Traveller

  • Wash Bag: This compact wash bag contains a surprising amount of space for all travel essentials. Featuring two mesh compartments and a hook to hang the bag pretty much anywhere, this is the perfect companion for any frequent flyer.

  • Foldaway Backpack: Made with durable, water resistant, ripstop polyester, this lightweight compact bag has a 16-litre capacity. Its ability to fold up into a small pouch makes it perfect for taking on trips with a limited baggage allowance.

  • Travel Cosmetics Kit: What’s a traveller without their mini bottles and lotions? This kit contains sandalwood scented hair and body wash, shaving cream, and post-shave lotion, as well as a citrus scented face wash.

  • Foldaway Laundry Divider Bag: We all know how much laundry accumulates when away on a trip. You come home and need to dump the entire luggage in the washing machine. Just imagine how much easier that would be if it was already separated by colour? Ground-breaking. This compactable bag comes with four separate compartments divided by darks, lights, brights, and gym clothes. 

There are many other options on our website, with a whole category dedicated to men

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