Often when speaking of fragrance oils, information and facts can be a little hazy to say the least - sometimes even negative!

At Aery, we actually blend essential oils with fragrance oils - discover the benefits are and why we choose to use them in our unique blends you've grown to love.

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By using fragrance and essential oils, we can get super creative with our collections. We can create scents that are not naturally occurring, or will mimic nature - as an example some citrus scents can be more on the subtle side. Which is why switching for a fragrance oil you can get a stronger and punchier scent throw.


Contrary to popular belief, fragrance oils can be sustainable. At Aery, we make sure to match our fragrance oils to the closest compounds of their natural counterpart. This means we can avoid mass farming for small amounts of oil, which is better for the environment. Also making sure we source from sustainable parfum houses. 


By combining fragrance and essential oils, you get a better scent throw, which means you can enjoy your favorite fragrance for much longer. It's like getting a two-for-one deal - a scent that lasts longer and offers therapeutic benefits.

room mist being sprayed on pillows and linens

Now, let's talk about some of the common myths surrounding fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are full of harmful chemicals.

While it's true that some fragrance oils can contain synthetic compounds that can be harmful to your health, not all fragrance oils are created equal. At Aery, we use high-quality fragrance oils that are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde.

Essential oils are the only natural way to scent your home.

While essential oils are a natural way to scent your home, they're not the only option. Fragrance oils can be sustainable and can offer a wide range of scents that are not naturally occurring. Plus, by using a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils, you get a scent that is both natural and long-lasting.

Fragrance oils are not good for aromatherapy.

This is a big one. Many people believe that only essential oils offer the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. While fragrance oils aren't the same as essential oils they can serve the same purpose such as making you feel more relaxed or energised.

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So with fragrance oils and essential oils the possibilities really are endless! When high quality formulations are used it really is the best of both nature and science.